Why Are Movies Made By Females Important You Ask?

While it is true that women are making advances in the world every day, the fact that they are still considered second to men in certain walks of life is also very true. Filmmaking is one of these fields. It is not easy being a female director even today, as there just aren’t a lot of opportunities that are handed out to women. However, there are many reasons why this behavior needs to change fast, and here are a few of them:

1. It’s Just A Stark Difference in Numbers

The fact that women occupy just 7% of the space in the world of filmmaking, as far as 250 of the most grossing films are considered, should be enough to create some more opportunities for female movie directors to come forward. This doesn’t mean that male directors and filmmakers should be given any less value, but with such a huge difference in the numbers, it’s clear that the lack of female voices in the movie world has nothing to do with lack of talent.

2. It’s a Different Point of View

Having a female crew and cast in a movie is bound to have a completely different impact on the story and characters than if a movie were to be directed by men. It’s just natural that women have a different perspective on things. And I don’t mean that we put a female lead in the movie. What I mean is that everything about the movie, including behind the scenes stuff, be given in the hands of women for a fresh perspective on the subject matter.

3. Women Invite More Women

Stats show that if a woman is directing a movie, there is a significant increase in the number of women that have the opportunity to work in it. This leads to the creation of more jobs for women, and allows them to come forward in the cut-throat world of filmmaking. All of this then leads to the creation of movies that invite larger numbers of women to the cinemas, providing content that they can relate to in a fresh new way.

The world of filmmaking is very tough to make a place for yourself, especially if you are a woman. But you should stand up for yourself, be confident in who you are, and stick together with one another to grab the opportunity when it comes in front of you. The world needs to see the female perspective more clearly, and all of you are going to help make that happen.