Why Wonder Woman is so Important

Who doesn’t love a good superhero movie? From blood pumping action and crazy stunts to a heartwarming look at the hero’s life, superhero movies have it all. But recently, only one superhero movie seems to be making headlines everywhere – DC’s long awaited Wonder Woman.

The Start of Something New

For the longest time, superhero movies have been dominated by male leads. Sure, female actors have found some prominent roles in many movies, like Black Widow in Avengers, Catwoman in Batman, and Jean Grey in XMen, but none of these movies have focused solely on a female superhero. Wonder Woman is so important because it does just that; it shows a strong, independent woman fighting basically alone to save to human world. And that is what was needed for so long in Hollywood for gender equality.

Many, Many Hero Moments

If this was just another male superhero movie, the number of shots where the lead is shown kicking some enemy behind in slow-mo would have been simply too much. But in Wonder Woman, the more hero shots there are the better. We have needed this kind of spotlight on a female superhero for a long time, and every time Wonder Woman is shown in full action, somewhere around the world women are inspired.

Exceeding Expectations

It is because of all these reasons that Wonder Woman shattered the Box Office with its business of $103 million on the opening weekend. People flocked to their local cinemas to watch the movie, men and women alike. Women across the globe reacted positively to the movie, taking to Twitter to express the empowerment they felt coming out of the theatres.

We need more movies like Wonder Woman, not because there is any shortage of superhero movies or even female superheroes, but because it is vital for us to see strong women taking on the world if we are to promote gender equality.